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Canyon Economic Development Corporation

COVID-19 Small Business Recovery Grant

In response to the adverse economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canyon Economic Development Corporation has developed an assistance program, the COVID-19 Small Business Recovery Grant. This program provides grants up to $5,000 for businesses that have been significantly impacted by this pandemic.

The grant is available to all non-home-based small businesses in the City of Canyon; however, priority will be given to businesses that have a frequent and/or close contact with customers.  Categories of eligible small businesses include: retail (storefront), restaurant/food business; personal care (barber shop, nail & hair salons, spas, etc.); childcare; venues; and small manufacturing businesses.


Businesses must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Less than 25 Employees (combination of full-time and part-time)
  • Physical and publicly accessible location in the City of Canyon in a commercial district.
  • Experienced or projected to experience a decline in employment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In good standing with the City of Canyon with regard to licensing and finance, including being current on sales and use tax payments.
  • Engaged in activities that are legal under city and state law.
  • Meet program technical requirement including ability to provide financial records to support grant request.
  • Registered with the Texas Secretary of State’s Office, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations, or other applicable agencies.
  • Ineligible:  Home-based businesses and non-profit organizations.


If your business meets the above criteria, please complete the form and submit online.  Applicants will receive notification when the form is received.

If your application is not complete, the CEDC office will contact you and discuss the missing documentation. You will be given the opportunity to provide the missing information.

Applications will be reviewed each month at the reularly scheduled CEDC Board meeting (second Thursday of each month).  Applications must be received before 5:00 pm on the Monday before the meeting on Thursday.

Funding for this grant is limited and is subject to closure once budgeted funds are expended.


If you should have questions, please email


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