Relationships that work.

In Canyon, teamwork is more than just a word, it’s been a way of life for more than 125 years in a city that first put down roots as a cattle ranching community. Working together, we are achieving great things!

In 2014, for example, when Lone Star Milk Products began due diligence in site selection for a new processing facility the company had ample options and high standards. The plant footprint is large, to accommodate a capacity for daily processing of 2.5 million pounds of milk into high food-grade dairy products; the technology demands for a high-volume, cutting-edge facility are great.

However, the rewards for such demanding technology are also high: Because milk is 87% water, Lone Star’s state-of-the-art technology insures that more than 90,000 gallons of potable water are also created as a daily byproduct. Once the Lone Star processing facility is up and running here in Canyon, that’s 90,000 gallons of water that will be available for municipal purposes like irrigating soccer and baseball fields, where Canyon kids are learning lessons in teamwork that will help them prepare for tomorrow’s global challenges.

Canyon teamwork can be seen all across our sectors, from education to healthcare, where quality is high while costs are kept low. Our P-12 school system, for example, produces higher ACT scores than any other school in our district. Our local university is a national powerhouse training the top students in engineering, math and science. Our healthcare services provide residents with 21st century expertise combined local care and commitment.

Working hard and working together, Canyon is climbing with these major employers:

Canyon ISD – The Canyon Independent School District is quality-driven, student-centered, and as a result Canyon students perform at the top of the region in educational measurement. In the critical job of preparing students for a global future, Canyon ISD employs a professional and support staff of 1,231.

West Texas A&M University (WTAM) – For more than a century, this Texas institution has been graduating leaders, and since the University joined the A&M system in 1993, the nation has taken notice. The Princeton Review, Newsweek, U.S. News and others have given the University top ranking. Currently, WTAM employs 800 faculty and staff.

Randall County – Preserving the best traditions, staying ahead in a 24/7 world, Canyon works effectively as the county seat of Randall County. The former Randall County Courthouse is a good example. As this magnificent architectural and historic landmark is being preserved and repurposed, county services are now provided at newer Canyon offices employing a professional and responsive staff of 490.

City of Canyon – Canyon residents know they can count on excellent city services, from parks to police, clean city streets to one of the best fire departments in Texas, all delivered through a hard-working city staff of 131.

Walmart – While Canyon residents enjoy the retail experience of a charming and historic downtown, with metro selections just minutes away in Amarillo, the day-in, day-out low prices and quality of Walmart is service that Canyon counts on. Walmart is also a valued employer of 241associates.

Family Medicine Clinic – Combining 21st century knowledge and expertise with genuine personal care, the Family Medicine Clinic provides comprehensive healthcare services for today’s needs and today’s families, employing a staff 47 physicians, support staff and other health professionals.